Friday, 17 September 2010

We've got a whole heap of new stock in.
Check out these crazy prices folks:
Fur coats £35/40 Max!
Mohair Jumpers £8/15
All Dresses £8/20
Winter Coats £20/35
Bags £5/15
Scarf's £2/5
Leathers £15/25
Barbour Coats £35/40!
Levi's Jean Jackets £17.50
Shirts/Polo's £5/8
Levi's Jeans £12.50
Suits £25/35
Tweed Jackets £15/25
Adidas Tracktops £12/15!
Shoes £12/25
Trainers/Puma/Adidas £12/20
And so much more!
All our Vintage clothing is A Graded & ready to wear!
Who said top quality vintage had to be expensive!?!?
This Birmingham NOT London...
Come and grab a bargain this Saturday!